Reclaim Your Health by Dr. Rachel Haviland & Genevieve Kohn The Connection Between Science and Spirituality: The Power of Your Limiting Beliefs 04/16/2019
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The Power of Your Limiting Beliefs: Our beliefs have an effect on our physical reality and our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Learn to re-program the beliefs that limit you and hold you back from your Highest Potential, so you can truly live the life of your dreams!

Listen in to learn:

  • The connection between science and spirituality
  • How Sapna overcame own experience and health issues with vitiligo
  • How you can charge of your limiting beliefs!

Disclaimer: This podcast is for informational purposes only. Do not stop taking or change the dose of any prescribed medication without the direction from your physician. If your symptoms persist, you should seek the advice of your physician.

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Sapna ChandariaSapna Chandaria is a 3rd generation Kenyan – Indian woman, born and brought up in Kenya. Her journey to becoming the intuitive energy healer she is today began from a young age as a result of the deep connection to rituals and ceremonies that are part of the Hindu way of life, in which she was brought up. This cemented her faith in the presence of the Divine and she continued on this path through self-study of various techniques and modalities in meditation, self-healing and especially, energy work.

Over the past 20 years or so, she has been fascinated with the connection between Science & Spirituality. The understanding that we have come into this life with a certain set of belief systems based on past-life Soul experiences, as well as the belief systems that we inherit from our ancestors and those which we are programmed with from the age of 0 – 7 years old, have a physiological effect on our physical reality and our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being has been her main area of interest. She knows that when we are able to re-program the beliefs that limit us and hold us back from our Highest Potential, we can truly live the life of our dreams.


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