Reclaim Your Health by Dr. Rachel Haviland & Genevieve Kohn Manage Stress Better...with Coffee? 4/30/19
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Do you struggle to get going in the morning? Need coffee to give you that burst of energy…but then crash later? Learn how you can truly manage your stress better with Lopa van der Mersch, CEO of Rasa. Hear about the power of adaptogens and how their adaptogenic formulas energize while calming your nervous system!

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Listen in to learn:

  • What adaptogens are and how they help us manage stress better
  • Lopa’s story of developing Rasa’s adaptogenic formulas as a new mom
  • The benefits you can expect from taking adaptogens regularly!

Disclaimer: This podcast is for informational purposes only. Do not stop taking or change the dose of any prescribed medication without the direction from your physician. If your symptoms persist, you should seek the advice of your physician. Please see full disclaimer below*

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Modern life is crazy, and Rasa founder Lopa van der Mersch is obsessed with bringing accessible adaptogens to a world that needs them. Adaptogens are a class of superherbs that help ease feelings of stress and overwhelm: Nature’s antidote to stress.

Thanks to her love for Ayurveda, Lopa has been using adaptogens for over a decade, and credits them with helping her heal Hashimoto’s. Twelve years after she first started taking ashwagandha, Lopa had her first son and found herself deeply needing stress-support. She partnered with an herbalist to create a coffee alternative blend, which was the foundation of Rasa: a brand dedicated to making holistically-balanced tonic adaptogen formulas an easy part of everyday rituals—starting with their coffee and coffee alternative blends.

As CEO of a growing startup and mom of two young boys (1 and 3), Lopa gets to experience daily how effective the Rasa products are. Her passion for Rasa is only matched by her love of tea ceremony and her knack for often-inappropriate humor.

Growing a start-up from launch to breakeven in 8 months, while attachment-parenting two tiny humans (3 & 1), is no easy feat, and Lopa credits a steady diet of adaptogens, integrity, and humor as being key to Rasa’s success (and to her not going completely insane in the process).

Lopa’s past is a wild ride that includes: dropping out of college to caretake a wildlife refuge, a short stint as a British dancing lady, cremating dead bodies, being the Biochar Queen who worked with Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room and spoke at TEDx, joining two cults (which offered both real spiritual value and real trauma), traveling the world, and finally, starting Rasa. Her love of business and adaptogens is only matched by her passion for tea ceremony and her knack for often-inappropriate humor, thanks to the sarcastic 12-year-old that lives inside her.


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