Reclaim Your Health by Dr. Rachel Haviland & Genevieve Kohn Free Your Voice...Transform Your Life 7/31/2018
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Ever felt like you need to find your voice again, to find the courage to speak up? It’s time to free your voice and transform your life! Listen in as Kathleen Gubitosi shares her story of losing and finding her voice again, dealing with autoimmune disease and her journey to wholeness and freedom!

Listen in to learn:

  • Why we often lose our voice and how to find it again
  • Kathleen’s journey to wholeness
  • Tips on taking care of your health and your voice

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Meet Kathleen

Kathleen Gubitosi“Free Your Voice…Transform Your Life.” It is my message. (Just some personal back story: I am part of an autoimmune cluster Hashimoto’s – managed with Armour- and Crohn’s – 27 years disease free. In addition, I have multiple adult onset food allergies. I’ve also reclaimed my health to regain my music and voice coaching career after a head and neck injury left me with debilitating soft tissue injuries and severe career ending TMJ in the early 1990s. I began a new career during that time and lived in constant pain for years. I’m not totally pain free today, most days it goes unnoticed, and I have transformed my life using both alternative and traditional methods for all of the above.) The bottom line for me is that if I hadn’t been strong enough to align my inner and outer voice though all of these challenges, I’d be living quite a different life on many fronts. Voice is the most often overlooked aspect of every day health and wellness and it’s an extremely difficult part to reclaim after injury. I believe many women are in need of support in finding and following their own voice be it physically, emotionally or spiritually.


Kathleen Gubitosi, MA is an award-winning business woman, performing artist, metaphysical practitioner, and Creatrix of The Magic of Voice Alchemy ™, a holistic approach to voice health and personal/professional image enhancement. She guides heart-centered leaders to set their sacred message free and deeply connect with their ideal audience at home, at work, and on stage, by channeling the most potent gift on earth, the human voice. She leads the Voice and Biz Alchemy group on Facebook and blogs regularly on topics she loves such as personal and professional image, feminine leadership, health and wellness, spirituality and empowerment.


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