Reclaim Your Health by Dr. Rachel Haviland & Genevieve Kohn Are Food Sensitivities at the Root of Your Symptoms? 4/10/2018
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Listen in to learn:

  • The connection between food sensitivities and symptoms
  • How the gut-brain connection affects our mental health
  • How major stress events can unravel health
  • What it means to become your own health detective

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Amanda Malachesky is a Functional Nutrition Coach, who helps women with anxiety, depression, and complex digestive complaints get control over their life back. She is founder of Confluence Nutrition, a virtual Functional Nutrition clinic. After her lifelong health issues took a sudden turn for the worse after the loss of her best friend to cancer, she had to unearth the root causes of her condition herself, because conventional medicine failed to offer anything useful. Putting her training in client-centered massage together with her study of complex systems theory and ecological design, Amanda dove headlong into the world of Functional Nutrition. She is certified as an FDN-P, and a Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner, as well as a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She believes that mental health symptoms have physiological underpinnings, often stemming from the gut, and that resolution is possible if root causes are addressed. Amanda helps clients powerfully explore the effects of food on their symptoms, and creates customized diet and lifestyle solutions to meet them where they are. She works one-on-one and in online group programs to help women reclaim their powerful role at the helm of their own medical care, so they can reclaim their life. Amanda lives on 50 acres with her husband, two children and various animals on California’s beautiful Lost Coast.


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