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Win-Win divorces…are they even possible? Joryn Jenkins thinks so and she’s changing the way the world gets divorced. Don’t spend money on break-ups that take too long, cost too much money and tear your family apart. There’s a better way. Find out what it is in this interview!

Listen in to learn:

  • The true impact of her personal divorce experience on her life and health
  • How to get divorced…without destruction
  • Practical tips on the divorce process

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Joryn Jenkins Open Palm LawJoryn’s clients say “She helps people divorce each other without destroying their families.”

Joryn Jenkins received her B.A. degree from Yale when she was nineteen years old and her J.D. from Georgetown. She is a trial attorney with 38 years of courtroom experience, now in private practice at Open Palm in Tampa, where she concentrates on the courtless practice of family law. In her spare time, she teaches marketing to lawyers and to collaborative professionals.
While practicing law, Joryn also served for ten years as the editor-in-chief of two national magazines. She is the author of Florida Civil Practice Motions (Lexis Law Publishing), five books on the collaborative divorce process, and, more recently, From Lawyer to Law Firm, How to Manage a Successful Law Business, and From Rookie to Rainmaker, How to Grow Your Law Business, all available on Amazon.com.

Joryn is one of the few professionals who has received an award given to only one person each year at a ceremony performed in the United States Supreme Court. She has also been granted the President’s Award, the highest honor that the Federal Bar Association can bestow, again, to just one person annually.

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