Rewrite Your Emotional Script

  A dedicated alternative health care practitioner, wellness coach, speaker, author, licensed acupuncturist, and certified nutritional consultant, Roberta Mittman offers guidance to men and women from around the world to look and feel vital and unstoppable. Her magic: the perfect, holistic blend of timeless Eastern principles and cutting-edge Western information. Find out more [...]

Train Your Brain -Techniques for a Healthy and Happy Life

Join us with guest Divya Parekh for this empowering and enlightening episode! We will learn how to train our brains in order to become happier and healthier. About Divya Parekh: Divya Parekh, an internationally-known leadership & organizational wellness coach, has supported business owners, leaders, achievers and youth to achieve success. She is a co-author of [...]

The Importance of Happiness

Join us as we welcome Rebecca L.Norrington, who will share about The Importance of Happiness. About Rebecca L. Norrington: Rebecca L. Norrington is first and foremost a student of the Universe and ITs Laws.She is a “self-proclaimed” Happiness Specialist. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, along with decades of education on topics from Spirituality [...]