Mindful Performance

You've heard of mindfulness and may practice having moments of mindfulness throughout your day, but now take it to a whole new level with "Mindful Performance." Listen in to learn: What we need to invest in to achieve Mindful Performance Dealing with grief...mindfully How to get started and tips for learning to [...]

The Importance of Integrating Non-Negotiable Self-Care Practices into Everyday Life

Listen in to learn: Lisa Marie’s journey back to health after a serious car accident Her daily self-care habits that are non-negotiable How to find the support you need in your own journey back to health Connect with Lisa Marie on Facebook Visit her website Resources mentioned on the show: Download "50 Shades of [...]

Can Your Environment Influence Your Mindfulness?

Designer, photo stylist, and meditation teacher, Tarah Abram shares her thoughts on mindful living and how to design your space to positively impact your well being in this episode of Reclaim Your Health! Listen in to learn: How to design your environment to boost your mindfulness Daily practices and tools that can improve [...]