Using Your Intuition

In this episode, we talk to Carolyn McGee about using your intuition to support empowered decision making. Learn about the superpower that you’re not maximizing.Join us in our Facebook group to learn more about how you can reclaim your health!Listen in to learn:What is intuition and how to tap into this superpower?Why [...]

Propelled By Plants: Overcoming Health Challenges with a Plant-Based Lifestyle

After a surprise medical diagnosis, Adam and Shoshana Chaim chose to change their eating habits for good. Now having recovered from multiple health challenges, they truly believe you can improve your quality of life through plant-based nutrition and fitness. In this episode, Shoshana shares how they turned their health around [...]

Pet Power

How Pets Bring Balance to Our Lives Join us as we talk to vet and author of "Animal Teachings" Dr. Joanne Lefebvre Connolly about how animals guide us to be more balanced and the valuable life lessons they can teach us...if we only listen! Join us in our Facebook group to learn [...]