Reclaim Your Health by Dr. Rachel Haviland & Genevieve Kohn Building Your Creative & Spiritual Toolbox 7/17/2018
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Listen in to learn:

  • What a Creative and Spiritual Toolbox is
  • How to get started
  • Benefits of having this unique toolbox

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Meet Meghan

meghan-humlieI am the Creative Director of Earthenware Ministry which is a business that both listens, witnesses and invites creative people to deepen into their creative and spiritual selves, and to serve the world from that place.  Earthenware Ministry seeks to celebrate creative people, encourages deepening both creativity and spirituality in ways that are wholistic, grounded and moving toward greater freedom.  My vocation as Creative Director is to listen to individual stories that can be tentative and to individual stories that change through time.

I have a B.A. in Studio Art (ceramic sculpture).  I love the feeling of clay, and exploring three dimensional sculptural and organic form.  I do not currently create in clay.  Rather, I am consistently exploring water colors, acrylic paint, and collage.

I have a Masters In Divinity in Theology (Episcopalian).  I am not ordained, rather what is known as a Lay Person.  This training led to further study in spiritual direction/spiritual coaching which are ways to listening to others who are exploring their own relationship to the Holy One, however they may define that relationship.

I am a San Francisco, California native but have lived many places.  On the whole, I consider myself healthy.  I do have scoliosis with a visually significant spinal curvature, and am shorter in stature than most women.  I have had the pleasure of doing many things such as practicing martial arts, giving birth and witnessing the growth of my daughter who is now 36, creating, walking in nature and being alive.

I have worked in financial services, retired from a position in health care administration, worked as an activity coordinator with elders in retirement communities and currently work part-time as an Activity Coordinator with Elders with dementia.  I am employed full-time as the Creative Director of my business, Earthenware Ministry, and find joy in witnessing my clients  as they deepen and grow.  I blog regularly on earthenwareministry.com


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