Reclaim Your Health by Dr. Rachel Haviland & Genevieve Kohn Behind the Veil: Principles of Managing an Illness 03/06/2018
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Jessica Leibovich has spent the past two decades as a nutritional chef and healthy lifestyle educator in San Diego to busy professionals, cancer patients, professional athletes, and those with serious health challenges. She walks through the fire of managing a health crisis with her clients and leads them past the pain so they can move forward. Jessica is also a certified coach and healer working with people to clear emotional challenges such as anxiety and trauma naturally. Her comprehensive approach encompasses brain, body, and spirit and she gives concrete tools and strategies that you can use anytime, anywhere. Using her cutting edge and real-life strategies, you can learn to be healthier with less time, less money, and less stress. Jessica offers customized coaching and DIY programs for healthy living strategies to fit the specific needs of her client’s schedule and budget.
Listen in to learn:

  • Jessica’s story about having to take her own advice
  • One thing you musn’t let people tell you
  • Tips on eating for cancer patients that we can all use

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